MacBrout Engineering Private Ltd. specializes in CNC machining of parts for turbomachinery applications including Turbocharger Nozzle rings, Gas and Steam Turbines, Rotor and Stator Blades. MacBrout Engineering Private Ltd. uses specialized software to generate tool paths that accurately and efficiently machine parts to customer designs.

Nozzle Rings

Nozzle RingsMacBrout specializes in turbomachinery applications, with a core competency in 4 and 5-axis milling. This company is a supplier of choice to major aerospace and industrial turbomachinery projects.

Macbrout has grown from modest origins to a company with worldwide reputation for reliable products of innovative design of which Holset (which has changed its name to Cummins Turbo) would be one of our valued customers.

Holset is a subsidiary of Cummins, and are giants in turbocharger manufacture. These turbochargers fit mainly into commercial diesel and Gas derivative engines. The Nozzle Rings we manufacture for these turbochargers were first prototyped in the year 2004 at TAPS (Turbocam Automated Production System) and later at MEPL. Since then MEPL has not looked back with respect to technology and skills. The prices are very competiative but the high volumes make it profitable work, provided no mistakes are made.

MacBrout proposes to manufacture 250,000 rings/annum which may increase depending on our performance. TAPS is the heart of this project and has been our technical strength. As our skills and techniques improve, we expect our turning and milling capacity to rise to 300,000 parts per annum.

When all is said and done, process reliability is the measurement by which any manufacturer should be judged. Stringent quality requirements are fulfilled by implementing PPAP (Pre Production Approval Process) which is not only process specific but is also machine specific. The PPAP narrows down the process capability and shrinks the CPk value to 1.67.

The Holset project has come a long way built on the plinth of experience, expertise, quality and innovative ideas by eliminating multiple set ups during machining. Our focus was on quality and productivity and with the help of experienced Engineers and Machinists we have successfully implemented ways to mill 15 rings in one set up which cuts down the cycle time immensely.

Turbine Blades

Turbine BladesThe Turbine blades we manufacture or Reverse Engineer are often used for Research and Development projects, Prototypes or regular production. These parts are installed on steam and gas turbines and we have received enquiries from organisations such as Siemes GMBH.

~ We work with various materials such as Aluminium alloys, Titanium alloys, Stainless Steel etc. and we are ready to experiment with many more varieties.
~ Our strength is programming and machining the most complicated blade designs using state- of- the art technology that MacBrout has developed