MacBrout Engineering Private Ltd. specializes in CNC machining of parts for turbomachinery applications including Turbocharger Nozzle rings, Gas and Steam Turbines, Rotor and Stator Blades. MacBrout Engineering Private Ltd. uses specialized software to generate tool paths that accurately and efficiently machine parts to customer designs.


MACBROUT exists as a business for the purpose of honoring God, creating wealth for its employees and supporting Christian service to God and people.

MACBROUT seeks to accomplish this purpose by achieving excellence in the manufacturing of
turbomachinery parts by Five-axis machining and related technologies and satisfying the needs of our customers for Quality, Price, Delivery and Service.

As we interact with our customers, suppliers, and employees, we hold ourselves accountable to God's law as expressed in the Bible. We are committed to integrity in our financial and personal relationships.

MACBROUT asks for the full support of its employees for its mission, and serves its employees by offering them financial strength and stability in employment, a pleasant and challenging work environment, and opportunity to grow into their God-given potential by training and the sharing of responsibility and innovation.

Honour Code

'MacBrout Honour Code'

MACBROUT employees are asked to adhere to the following Honour Code and are expected to indicate their acceptance of it by signing a copy of it before their employment commences.

I will keep my wage and bonus information confidential and I will not discuss this information with other employees.

I will keep all sales and financial information, that is disclosed to me as my job warrants, confidential. I will not discuss this information with other employees.

I understand that all of MacBrout's technology, as well as valuable information about the company, has been entrusted to me with the understanding that the information is confidential and I am not to discuss or reveal it to people outside the company. I agree to keep the following information confidential: 5-axis machining techniques, software programming, part designs and customer data.

I agree that any of my own innovations developed while at MacBrout, shall become the property of MacBrout.

If I leave MacBrout, I agree not to take up employment in the field of 5-axis machining or /programming of turbomachinery for at least 2 years.

I agree to record my work time in an accurate and honest manner.

I agree to work as many hours a week as is needed to get my job done. I agree to work a minimum of 44 hours a week.

I understand that breaks are to be taken on an "as needed" basis. I understand that if I am seen taking a break, it is assumed that I haveearned a break and I am justified in taking it. I agree to not abuse this.

I agree not to bring any unlicensed software into MACBROUT.

I agree not to copy or remove any software from MACBROUT.

I agree to use the bereavement policy for the appropriate reasons and I will not abuse it.

I agree to keep all medical benefit information confidential and agree not to discuss it with other MACBROUT employees.

I understand that foul language, physical abuse, sexual harassment and racial discrimination are not allowed at MACBROUT.

I understand that there are several different job descriptions at MACBROUT, and each person has a distinct set of responsibilities that have been delegated to them to assure a continued increase in productivity. I also understand that the nature of some jobs may not be the same as my job and I am expected to respect each person's job and not criticize.

I understand that I am expected to handle conflict and problems in the following manner:

If there is a problem, every effort should be made by myself and the person with whom I have the problem to solve the problem between the two of us.

If the problem cannot be solved at that level, only then am I to go to the person's direct supervisor.

If the person's direct supervisor is not able to help solve the problem, only than do we all speak to Savio