MacBrout Engineering Private Ltd. specializes in CNC machining of parts for turbomachinery applications including Turbocharger Nozzle rings, Gas and Steam Turbines, Rotor and Stator Blades. MacBrout Engineering Private Ltd. uses specialized software to generate tool paths that accurately and efficiently machine parts to customer designs.


The new MacBrout facility, inaugurated in October, 2017, is built to the latest international manufacturing standards for production of high quality engineering parts.

The new 7000 sq. Mts. Built area includes the following features:

  1. HVAC consisting of Radiant Cooling system for Shop Area Floor Cooling and AHU Cooling.
  2. 3100 sq. meters of Shop Floor Space, fully air conditioned. Using state of the art cooling technology helps save energy.
  3. Complete DG Power Back up.
  4. Dedicated utility block where our utilities are based to support the factory.
  5. STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) where in the water can be used for plants.
  6. Rain Water Harvesting tank with a capacity of 100,000 liters.

The manufacturing capability will initialy include 5-axis milling machines, CNC Lathe, multi grind machines and CMMs for quality control, although the capacity may be increased to cater for additional business.